Working with us

Why work at LG Precision?

  • Working at LG Precision is the guarantee of working in a customer-oriented environment. Our focus is placed on quality and responsiveness. It also means working in an environment at the cutting edge of technology and alongside experienced and highly qualified personnel. Finally, it means having a taste for technical challenges with the possibility of carrying out certain projects from A to Z.

Start your professional career
at LG Precision

  • Are you passionate about general and precision machining? Do you like manual work and do you like technical challenges? Our medium-sized structure allows you to work in a pleasant atmosphere and benefit from the experience of qualified staff.

    Working with us means having the will to offer customers the highest quality service. It also means being involved in the various stages of machining.

Build your professional career
at LG Precision

  • At LG Precision, we are committed to providing our employees with a work environment that will allow them to develop professionally. In fact, we firmly believe in the ongoing training of our team. This is why we have oriented our philosophy towards the transmission of experience and know-how in order to allow our staff to constantly progress. Mixing experienced people and younger people is a value, a choice that is particularly close to our hearts.

    For people who have undergone a career change, we provide step-by-step support in order to train them for their new tasks in the best possible way. We offer a first-class framework to our workers so that they can develop their skills and expertise as effectively as possible.