LG Precision

More than 50 years of experience
in tailor-made production of high-precision prototype parts
in small or medium series.

Our competences

What do we do?






CNC turning, Turn-mill machineswith 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling

Our various machines (DMG, MAZAK and MONFORTS )allow us to perform CNC turning and up to 5-axis CNC milling, giving an unequalled result in terms of precision and finish.


Full 5-axis milling, 3-axis

We have various machines (DMG, MIKRON) allowing us to carry out CNC milling with up to 5-axis simultaneous machining. In addition, our MasterCAM software allows us to produce extremely complex parts. We also own the “BladeExpert” module,which allows us to perform the machining of complex blade designs.


Assembly of prototype parts.

Once made, the different parts can be assembled directly in our workshop by our team of professionals.


Research and development.

Our research and development departments are able to design your part from A to Z, from the drawing board to the production of the final machined component.

Research and development, prototyping and assembly

What we can bring to your projects

An expertise in machining

We manufacture the parts in our workshops within a time frame adapted to your needs thanks to an ultra qualified staff and state-of-the-art machines.

An external eye

We consider all possible optimisations, in order to reduce costs and improve performance.

Design assistance

We can make the drawings of the part directly in our design office or work from drawings provided by the customer.

Your sector



production of parts or complete assemblies for different sectors of the energy industry (hydroelectric, petroleum industry…)



Production of parts or complete assemblies for tool manufacturers, boilermakers, machine manufacturers, foundries, robotics…



Production of parts or complete assemblies for the paramedical sector.



Production of parts or complete assemblies for the food industry, dairy, breweries…



Production of parts or complete assemblies for the defense sector. 

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Our commitments

  • Quality. We are constantly seeking to manufacture high-precision parts at the cutting edge of technology. Our state-of-the-art CNC machines and our team of professionals enable us to consistently meet this objective.
  • Responsiveness. Not only do we manufacture high quality custom-made parts in small or medium series, but we also produce them within a time frame adapted to our customers' needs, thanks to the flexibility of our structure.
  • Customer service. We put the customer at the forefront of our work. Listening, giving advice and support are our key words. At LG Precision, you will be put in direct contact with the production manager to facilitate the realization of your project.
  • Costs. We guarantee optimal costs and competitive budgets. Each estimate we provide you is calculated according to precise and objective criteria.
  • Autonomy. We are autonomous and independent. We work for SMEs, multinationals or large companies in different sectors, all over the world.

Access to the site

Our workshops are located in the Zoning Industriel des Plenesses (Dison) near motorways, rail stations, water ways and airport infrastructures in the heart of Europe.

Liège freight station (20 min)

TGV station in Liège Guillemins (20 min)

E40 motorway (Germany – 15 min)

Motorway E42 (France – 3 hours, Switzerland – 6 hours)

E25 motorway (Netherlands – 20 min)

Bierset Regional Airport + Hub TNT Liège (20 min)

Maastricht Regional Airport (20 min)

International airports Brussels and Düsseldorf (1 hour)

Autonomous Port of Liege (20 min)